How to Spot a Kind Person: 12 Characteristics of the Kindest Personality Type



This is how you can spot a kind person and what it implies for your love life.

Possibly among the kindest personality types in the entire Myers-Briggs character set is the ISTJ– and that’s why we all enjoy them.

Being an ISTJ is a terrific thing.

In reality, much of the most well-liked individuals in society are members of this character type.


George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, and Warren Buffet are all examples of this character type.

ISTJ represents Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment.

These are qualities that an ISTJ character is heavily known for, and they’re qualities that typically wind up propelling them into managerial positions as an outcome.

How can people tell if you’re a kind person?

ISTJs are the most common character type in the world, and if you ask us, that’s excellent!

Ever question if you’re one of the peaceful, kind, and mellow people who belong to this personality type?

Here are the indications you require to take a look at, and exactly what they indicate for your dating life.

1. Individuals have in fact called you “an old soul” or informed you that you are old-fashioned.

ISTJs are as traditional as they come– and that’s a terrific thing.

They value tradition and often will stick to the “tried and true” courses of constructing a great life instead of endeavor out into unknown (and perhaps hazardous) areas.

2. Your concept of a nice day is spent at home.

You might enjoy baking cookies, or having a supper with the fam, but actually, very little else. ISTJs are understood for being homebodies and introverts who just want to relax after a hard day’s work.

3. Everybody tends to go to you when they desire somebody to be practical and accountable.

For a kind person, responsibility is constantly the name of the game.

You’re the one they’ll approach when they need recommendations on insurance, taxes, and even something like childcare.


Because they understand you will not be doing something insane or be impractical with your suggestions.

4. It’s the little things in life that thrill you.

Making a brand-new craft from a Mason container? Sweet!

Seeing a good day in the park?

Likewise ideal.

You do not need things like clubs and bottles of bubbly to get you going if you have an ISTJ personality.

5. At work, you typically wind up in a supervisory position.

You may also be an accountant or a researcher.

Numbers are kind of your thing in lots of cases.

Due to the fact that ISTJs are notoriously difficult workers who focus on getting things done well and on time, it’s safe to state that finding a job is seldom ever a battle.

You’re what employers call “the Golden Employee.”

6. You tend to take severely to alter, flaw, or unpredictability.

Stability and consistency are what makes you as a kind person feel safe.

If you feel a job isn’t really done effectively, or if you feel you cannot anticipate people well, it will end up triggering you to get angry.

The word “perfectionist” gets tossed around a lot with you.

7. You frequently end up caring more about being right than making the other person feel good.

This is also a leading reason for relationship problems with ISTJs.

Their requirement for reasoning and correctness can get so thorough, they may even alienate those around them.

8. Sincerity is the very best policy with you.

ISTJs are frequently sincere to the point of blunt.

This can be a good idea, or a bad thing, depending on exactly what you end up doing.

9. People refer to you as “safe”.

You understand what that means, and it’s not a bad thing.

It indicates they understand they can depend on you.

10. You’re understood for making it your individual responsibility to keep loved ones delighted.

To a point, ISTJs are known for being people pleasers.

They will often go the additional mile to keep individuals around them delighted, simply since they feel it’s the ideal thing to do.

They may even blame themselves for things that are not under their control because of this.

11. Overall, you’re a very calm, useful and kind person.

You’re all about realistic goals and gradually reaching them.

Anxiety does not truly occur unless you’re tossed for a loop, as well as then, it’s almost constantly short-lived.

12. The only time you’ll see an ISTJ be spastic is if they are perfectionists.

This is most likely the most significant Achilles’ heel of the ISTJ character type.

For ISTJs, everything has to be perfect, especially at work.

For everyone else, dealing with an ISTJ who takes this too far can be a headache.

Attraction-wise, a kind person has the characteristics that work well for them in the dating scene.

As an ISTJ, you are the type of individual people want to marry and settle with.

It makes good sense, thinking about how conventional, sincere, and homey you have the tendency to be.

Most people would love to take you home to meet their mother, but there’s a catch with your personality type that tends to make dating hard: enjoyment.

Just put, ISTJs have the tendency to be a bit on the “uninteresting” side, so you might need to work on being more interesting to the opposite sex.

You might likewise desire to search for someone who likes the “by the books” way of life that you have the tendency to have.

When it comes to relationship issues, there are 3 that tend to be significant love-killers for ISTJs.

Initially, there’s the concern that it’s extremely simple to fall into a rut with an ISTJ. Being open to brand-new experiences will make things lightyears much better for you in the dating world.

In addition, the blunt and persistent nature ISTJs have can make them susceptible to arguments.

You need to discover how to want to compromise.

Finally, the biggest difficulty you may have is the controlling concern.

ISTJs, when they get perfectionistic and commanding, can become extremely managing in relationships.

Part of being in a relationship is learning ways to trust your partner to do right by you.

So, if you find yourself requiring to micromanage them, you may have to leave them.

In general, being an ISTJ is a great thing if you are trying to find a long-lasting relationship.

If you’re trying to find the short-term (which you almost never are), it’s not so excellent.

That being stated, you supply stability and happiness to the right partner and always do exactly what you can to please them.

So, you’re a terrific catch for the best match.