Why Strong Women Prefer To Spend Time Alone Than In the Company Of Assholes

Are you a strong woman?


Strong women are something of an enigma; it’s not about females taking on men’s roles, but more of a state of mind.

While we see a lot of women claim they fall into this category, few step up to the plate.

Strong women have come to realize that their actions are what defines them, not their words.

Because they have been through so much in life, they tend to have many chinks in their armor, but this gives them the powerful gift of being able to sniff out bulls%*t and empty promises.


Let’s face it, its a lot easier to want to be a strong woman than actually to be one.

If you know a strong woman or are a healthy female, you know that they will be the very first to tell you not to waste time on assholes.

Spending time on assholes are investing your life in the dark and hoping for another person to bring in the light. It gets you no place.

A strong woman is a complimentary woman, as she can be pleased all on her own.

Strong women will spend their leisure time and energy on themselves before they will invest it in someone who is taking them for granted.

They understand their worth and are not afraid to make those who have to be aware of it, conscious.

They are remarkable individuals who love to help those who genuinely appreciate them however you can not treat them like a doormat.

Strong women are well aware that remaining in a relationship is not all that life is about.

She has found that in some cases being alone is needed.

She can produce a terrific experience for herself without anyone else if she wishes to.

That being said, after going through the things she has gone through, she is an excellent judge of character.

If somebody sucks, she is not going to let them belong to her life.

Sure, she is still available to love however she is not out searching for it like some people are.

She wants somebody who can provide just as much as she carries out in the relationship.

Somebody who knows her worth and is not going to utilize her to move up himself.

She wants somebody who is aiming to grow with her and assist her to create a life they both can share.

A strong woman will not give up who she is for an asshole.

She knows what she needs and will accept no less. Some individuals might consider her a bitch however she is anything, however.

She is a strong independent female who is not afraid to find happiness in herself.

She does not require somebody to ‘complete her’ she has currently understood that she holds the crucial to precisely what everyone else is trying to find.

If anything we must all aim to be strong women, in life we seem to settle even more than we should.

There is nothing wrong with chasing your dreams.

Be who you wish to be, don’t be who anyone else desires you to be and do not let some asshole control your life. It is your life to live, do not squander it.

Here are some traits of a strong woman

She is a fighter

She’s fiercely independent and takes pride in the reality she can take care of herself.

She does not need a man to look after her and lean on.

She leans on herself and undertakes obligation for her life.

When she’s dating a male, she expects the relationship to be 50/50.

Directly puts, if you show her love, she’ll shower you with her love. But if not, then do not expect much in return.

She knows what she desires

She takes some time to get to understand herself and understands precisely what she wishes in life.

There isn’t any hesitation or self-doubt, if she wants something, she gets it.

She also won’t count on other people to satisfy her desires.

She understands that attachments are fraught with danger.

She appreciates honesty and vulnerability

By this point in the post, you might be misinterpreted to believe that she’s emotionally cold.

But that couldn’t be further from the reality.

She accepts ALL of her feelings, even the unfavorable ones.

Strong women realize that allowing emotions is the only way you can genuinely move on.

She’s sincere with others, and she expects the very same in return.

However, she also realizes that nothing in deep space is perfect, and is patient with those who are in bad moods or who are anxious or anxious.

She will not shy away from intimacy

She’s not terrified of getting near someone.

She’s all about those feel-good vibes.

After all, she recognizes that being sincere with herself and precisely what she desires in life is the only liberating method to live.

Nevertheless, she won’t attach herself to any guy unless he’s genuinely the ideal man because she knows that lots of men out there can fulfill that role.

She is a human lie detector

Men who lie to a strong woman are in danger.

Honesty is one of her most valued qualities, and any person who doesn’t abide will feel her rage.

She translucent fake guarantees, pretentious behavior, and reasons.

If you cannot be absolutely sincere with her, then she’ll just cut you out of her life.
characteristics of a strong woman strong female

She requires integrity and consistency

She knows her worth and does not act kindly towards those who are hypocritical or inconsistent with their words or actions.
If a man ever acts distant to her, she’ll say goodbye and prevent getting played for a fool.

However, if you respect her and treat her nicely, prepare to experience the most passionate love you’re able to envision.

She can be intense and hard to handle

She’s been through a lot in life, and the only way she’s been able to get through is by embracing ALL of life’s ups and downs.

She’s not afraid to share her perspective passionately, which can be tough for some individuals to manage.

Her views and feelings are something she wants to show happily– no secrets, no hiding.

She knows her worth

If you respect her and treat her right, she’ll go through hell for you.

She admires people who have integrity.

However, if you cross her, she will not hesitate to get rid of you.

She’s in control of her own life.

She enjoys unconditionally

A strong female is very loyal and has a beautiful nurturing side to her that she reveals to individuals she enjoys.

This type of unconditional love is uncommon to find; nevertheless, it’s genuinely a blessing to experience.

You’ll feel nothing but respect and worth when you’re around her.

She will show you who you are and precisely what you can be

A female like this likes to obtain to understand other individuals.

She’ll evaluate you and get to know you for who you are.

As soon as she’s figured you out, she’ll tell you what incredible potential you have.

This can be difficult for a male to handle, but it can likewise be a real blessing since she’ll influence you to be all that you can be.

With her level of self-reliance, honesty, power and sincere enthusiasm, only a guy with stability and respect can manage her.

Anyone else is complementary to leave, as she is more than efficient in flying happily solo.