Study: Bacon Is Just As Dangerous As Cigarettes Scientist Confirm

The World Health Organization have just confirmed bacon is just as bad for you as cigarettes


According to a new study released by The World Health Organization (WHO), Eating bacon is as bad as smoking cigarettes and can give you bowel cancer.

The comprehensive study which was published recently has followed up on a report from 2015 which defines a direct link between processed meats and cancer.

The World Health Organization added that consuming sausages and other processed like bacon were placed in a group 1 carcinogenic category, which includes asbestos, arsenic, and cigarettes.

The World Health Organization confirmed that consuming just 50 grams of processed meat each day, the equivalent to eating a few rashers of bacon or single hotdog sees a massive 18% increased the risk of bowel cancer.


It was stated that 34,000 additional cancer-related death occurred worldwide due to eating processed meat.

The Report Came From 400 Studies in 10 Nations revealed bacon can give you cancer

Eating bacon was stated to be as bad as smoking cigarettes by the World Health Organization after they examined evidence that was extensive that had been offered by 22 researchers who carried out more than 400 research studies over ten various nations.

The research study took information from lots of hundreds of thousands of topics.

The core research exposed that processed meats such as hot dogs, sausages, salami, and pastrami are all meats that are smoked, salted, cured or have preservatives contributed to them.

When individuals eat substantial amounts of additives, they face a more significant risk of establishing cancer, more particularly bowel cancer, said the World Cancer Research Fund.

The Third Most Common Cancer in the world is bowel cancer

The National Health Service said that anyone who consumes a significant amount of the meats faces a more substantial threat of contracting bowel cancer than those who only eat them in percentages.

It was exposed that in Europe bowel cancer is the second most common kind of disease together with being the 3rd most typical around the world, stated Cancer Research UK.

After the outcomes of the research were exposed, the sales of bacon dipped significantly, and supermarkets in Britain stated that the drop in sales amounted to ₤ 3 million in just two weeks.

A few years after the first report, the sales did increase, but still, there is a genuine threat to eating a great deal of bacon and other processed meats.

As bacon and sausage comprise the staple of the full English breakfast in Europe, people are not starting the day of rest right with a well-balanced meal; instead, they are putting themselves at risk of contracting cancer.

The video below may put you off frying up that bacon for breakfast as it shows the whole procedure of how bacon is made.



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