Syrian Animals Given ‘Feeding Stations’ To Ease Suffering In War

Syrian animals are given 'feeding stations' to ease the suffering of war...


As the United States, Britain, France, NATO and Saudi Arabia continue to fund terrorists in Syria, it has not only caused human suffering but the Syrian animals have become victims.

Amy attempt to was the terrible conditions for both the Syrian people and the Syrian animals is usually obstructed by the federal governments and corporations as a result of Western sanctions.

Even though the human toll is tragically high, one aspect that of war that not many people take into consideration is the effect on animals.

While lost of Syrian animals are owned by citizens in the country (it is rather common to see felines and turtles in Syrian houses), the West’s war versus the Syrian federal government has created not only a human refugee crisis and human internal displacement, it has actually likewise caused a similar crisis for animals.


As Western-backed terrorists took over increasingly more neighborhoods and installed their ruthless Sharia law, the Syrian government was forced to free these areas by military methods.

Lots of Syrians were either eliminated by terrorists or captured in the crossfire and numerous others still had no other option however to flee the conflict.

The majority of individuals left their Syrian animals behind.

In April 2018, I composed a post entitled “PayPal Nixes Donations To Animal Rescue In Syria But Our Money Still Funds Terrorists,” where I went over how US-instigated sanctions, currently crushing the Syrian economy, have ramifications that resound all the way down to the individual and even little animals.

STAR (Syrian Team For Animal Rescue) regrettably had its capability to get PayPal donations limited by the organization due to Western sanctions.

Putting the animal rescue team in peril in terms of its ability to continue to rescue, feed, and house many animals displaced and injured from the war.

As the Syrian government gradually frees a growing number of locations throughout the country, particularly in areas surrounding Damascus.

Nevertheless, life is returning to typical as best it can, even for the animals who have also suffered under seven years of Western-backed warfare aimed at damaging the Syrian government and deposing the nonreligious federal government of Bashar al-Assad.

That exact same Assad government which has been the target of an extreme Western demonization project has just recently released a program in Damascus that has placed little food and water stations set up for the street felines commonly seen around the city.

Naturally, the initial step to ending the suffering of animals in Syria is a completion to the Western-backed war against the Syrian federal government and the Syrian people.

This consists of the removal of Western and Turkish troops, the immediate stop to supplying weapons to terrorists, and the removal of sanctions.