Scientists Discover Tea Leaf Nanoparticles Can Cure Lung Cancer

A group of scientists from India and Swansea University in the UK made an amazing discovery


A group of scientists from India and Swansea University in the UK has accidentally discovered that tea leaf nanoparticles can cure lung cancer.

The scientists found that nanoparticles derived from tea leave actively work together to destroy lung cancer cells

It is still early days, the finding was found by accident, so there will be a lot more studies to come.

The discovery is all down to weird but terrific little things referred to as quantum dots, a type of nanoparticle that is just 4,000 the thickness of a human hair.


They are so unimaginably small that they had the ability to permeate into the nanopores of cancer cells and blast them with a cytotoxic impact, thereby killing up to 80 of percent them.

Making use of nanoparticles is currently being checked out in many various fields.

For instance, business is likewise using quantum-dot technology to provide boosted color quality for televisions and show screens and more efficient photovoltaic panels.

If tea leaf nanoparticles can cure lung cancer, it could be a breakthrough 

They are likewise helpful for growth imaging due to the fact that their adjustable structure provides special fluorescent properties if they’re hit with light.

However, the process of making them chemically is complicated, pricey, and can have hazardous adverse effects.So, the team set out to develop a simpler method of producing non-toxic nanoparticles, as detailed in the journal ACS Applied NanoMaterials.

They did this using a Camellia sinensis tea leaf extract with 2 other chemicals.

When it concerned seeing if they were any good at cancer cell bioimaging, the researchers saw something incredible: the quantum dots seemed killing the cancer cells.

Dr. Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu, lead researcher on the project, discussed in a statement.

” Our research confirmed previous evidence that tea leaf extract can be a non-toxic alternative to making quantum dots using chemicals,”

” The genuine surprise, nevertheless, was that the dots actively hindered the growth of the lung cancer cells. We hadn’t been anticipating this.”

It needs to be emphasized that this does not mean drinking tea will avoid or “cure” lung cancer. As you’ve hopefully gathered, it’s a hell of a lot more complex than that.

Its very early days before scientists can prove tea leaf nanoparticles can cure lung cancer.

Dr. Pitchaimuthu informed BBC News that they envision there could be human trials in 2 years and, all being well, maybe a viable treatment in years.

Nevertheless, this tea-infused research shows that quantum dots could hold some real guarantee in the field of cancer research and beyond.

” The next action is to scale up our operation, hopefully with the help of other collaborators,” added Dr. Pitchaimuthu. “We want to examine the function of tea leaf extract in cancer cell imaging, and the interface in between quantum dots and the cancer cell.”

” We want to set up a ‘quantum dot factory’ which will enable us to explore more fully the ways in which they can be used.”



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