This Man Has Beat Tesla by Inventing an Electric Car That Never Needs Charging

Not only is the first Zimbabwean to design and make an electric powered vehicle and a hybrid helicopter but he is doing it by producing electricity via electromagnetic waves; radio frequencies. How cool! 😮👌🙌


The idea of the electric car has actually been around for a really long time.

Just like any other world-changing innovation, it’s taken a while to bring an electric car to the market.

It would be terrific to simply toss out all of the red tape that postpones the process, but our world doesn’t work like that.

In fact, it’s rather the opposite, and in a market dominated by oil, it’s tough to make your existence felt.


Huge corporations have monopolies on electric car technologies, and they themselves want to control the clean energy market.

Why? Because they’re heavily invested in oil, and free energy devalues fossil fuels.

Green energy innovation has substantial ramifications.

Not just from an ecological standpoint, however, but from a geopolitical one too.

Possibly that’s why it’s taken so long for a number of them to see the light of day, and much of them never ever do.

Inventing the electric car

It’s terrific to see electric car companies like Tesla out there, but by now, should it be unlawful for any manufacturer to make a vehicle that runs on oil rather than electrical energy or some other form of green technology?

Take, for example, the “Invention Secrecy Act.”

This bill was composed in 1951.

Under this act, patent applications on new creations can be subject to secrecy orders.

These orders can restrict their publication if government companies think that their disclosure would be hazardous to national security.(source)(source)

Could this be the factor why a lot of advanced inventions never ever saw the light of day?

As reported by the Federation of American Researchers, there were over 5000 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of the Fiscal Year 2014, which marked the greatest number of secrecy orders in impact given that 1994.

Steven Aftergood from the Federation of American Scientists reports:

“The 1971 list suggests that patents for solar photovoltaic generators underwent examine and possible constraint if the photovoltaics were more than 20% effective.

“Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible limitation if they offered conversion effectiveness in ‘excess of 70-80%’.” (source)

Pretty crazy, however, it absolutely provides you something to think seriously about.

We are happy to report a brand-new development from Sangulani Chikumbutso.

Mr. Chikumbutso has now become the first Zimbabwean to design and make an electric car and a hybrid-powered helicopter, among other gadgets through his business, SAITH Technologies.

What’s so special about this?

It’s that he is producing electricity via electromagnetic waves; radio frequencies.

As his website explains:

“By exposing undisclosed compound (industry secreted) to radio wavelengths, the Eco-friendly power generator has the capability to funnel the power created into function electrical energy.

“His assertion is always that he has moved past the rules of conservation of energy as typically comprehended as equivalent shift of energy from a single kind to a different one proclaiming that this kind of ‘discovery’ shows the application of fundamental gel battery crams in series of 220 volts creating a greater output in electrical power (500,000 Watts).

“We aren’t certain how this claim could be allayed, therefore we wish at some conversation board scientists will put the declarations to test.”

This may be old news to some, however, it may be revolutionary to others.

A news broadcast from Zimbabwe aired the story, among Africa’s news leaders SABC Digital News.

ZERO Publicity/What’s Happening Now

You would believe that an electric car that does not need a charge and can basically run forever (as long as the parts remain intact) would be substantial news.

However, it’s not, and it appears such innovations never are.

So what’s happening now? According to the Zambian Observer:

“The United States government has actually given Zimbabwe’s respected developer Maxwell Chikumbutso a brand-new house in its populous state of California.

“Chikumbutso is the creator of Saith Holdings Inc. under which he made headings for his serial developments which include the world’s very first ever green power generator which can produce electricity utilizing radio frequencies, electrical powered cars, and truck which do not consume fuel, a fuelled helicopter and a lot more.”

Right now, he is living in California.

Why did they do this?

Was it since they came throughout an advanced with the power to change the world?

Or is it because they desire to keep that which threatens their entire geopolitical structure close by so they can keep an eye on it, and control it?

Who knows.

But it’s constantly essential to question the objectives of our federal government.

Stan Meyer invested water-powered cars and trucks.

When you read the short article in the Zambian Observer, combined with that the United States government immediately showed interest in a story that hasn’t gotten any promotion, consider Stan Meyer.

Meyer is another individual who developed water powered cars and trucks.

Likewise, these inventions got hardly any attention when it came to making the news readily available to the masses.

Today, it’s a relatively well-understood story due to the mass awareness that has actually been developed around the story.

Stan’s invention was picked up extremely quickly by a regional news station in Ohio.

You can view his patent HERE, it likewise describes the entire procedure.

Inning accordance with a news broadcast that aired decades ago, the Pentagon sent out over a Colonel to take a look at the technology…

“We recently took a clinical delegation to witness Stan’s work … and came back saying, this is among the most important developments of the century.”
— Leonard Holihan, from the Advanced Energy Research Institute at the time (source).



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