Their Family Was Shocked to Uncover the Truth About These Triplets


The Dahm triplets, Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn were born on December 12, 1997.

The three identical blonde beauties remained close throughout their whole lives as they were not only similar in looks but also in interests.

However, in 2017, after taking a DNA test, they discovered something they never expected.

Let’s take a look at the surprising discoveries they made…


Meet The Triplets

The Dahm triplets grew up in a small town in Minnesota, called Jordan.

In such a small town, the triplets became local celebrities.

With their blonde hair and big blue eyes, the triplets stood out form the crowd.

Therefore, it’s no surprise by the time they were teenagers they were scouted by modeling agencies.

So Alike

The triplets were so alike in every way.

They once stated that their parents couldn’t even tell them apart when they were young.

In order to do so, their mother tattooed small black dots on their butts.

As Nicole was born first, she was given one dot.

Erica was second, so she was given 2 dots.

Finally, as Jaclyn came third and last, she was given 3 dots.

Always Together

As you would expect, the triplets did everything together.

During an interview with a famous men’s magazine, Nicole said “We rarely hold our own identity.

We were always known as ‘You three’ or ‘The Triplets.’”

They hung out with the same people, bought similar clothing and participated in the same activities.

Amongst some siblings that might cause rivalries.

However, the Dahm sisters only grew closer the older they became.

Entertainment Career Begins

The triplets entered the spotlight at a very early age.

They appeared on a Hardee’s commercial when they were only 8 years old.

When they were 16, after winning a model search competition, they posed for the cover of Teen magazine.

Their modeling career led them to appear on various talk shows such as The Jenny Jones Show and Ricki Lake.

From Small Town To Big Ten School

Even though they enjoyed modeling, the triplets and their parents knew it would be best for them to attend college.

The 3 chose the University of Minnesota (a big ten school).

All of them also chose to study nursing.

However, their ambitions would soon change after seeing an advertisement for a modeling competition.

Called In For A Test Shoot

While walking around campus, the girls noticed a flier for a famous men’s magazine, “Girls of the Big Ten”, special edition magazine.

The triplets decided they would give it a try.

However, they did not have to wait long.

As soon as the casting agent discovered they were triplets, they were immediately called in to do a test shoot.

Model For A Men’s Magazine

The girls were a huge hit with the photographers and magazine producers and were given the job.

The triplets graced the centerfold of a famous men’s magazine’s December 1998 issue.

They became the first ever Playmate triplets.

After the magazine was published, their fame skyrocketed.

This led them to make the next big decision in their lives.

No Regrets

Looking back on their decision to model, the triplets have no regrets.

However, they do acknowledge that they feel much more comfortable together.

“We would never have done this as individuals” Jaclyn, said in 1998.

However, their bond is what also made them so special and intriguing to the public.

Move To L.A.

Although their dreams were once to make a difference in the nursing industry, their dreams were slowly changing.

Due to their newfound fame, the triplets made a decision to move to L.A.

They knew they had to take advantage of their popularity.

After the move, they hoped to break into other aspects of the entertainment industry such as acting.

Quickly Landed Gigs

Soon after their move, their phone began ringing non-stop.

Everyone wanted a piece of the triplets.

They appeared on the hit TV series, Boy Meets World, as the 3 beautiful triplets who lived close to Eric and Jack.

They even landed roles in movies such as Juwanna Man and Pauly Shore is Dead.

But, their bookings didn’t stop there.

More Gigs

Not only were they landing acting gigs, but the girls were able to return to their roots of modeling.

They landed modeling jobs around the world, from Paris to Tokyo.

Erica said, “It’s something you never experience when you’re from a small town of 2,000 people, and all of the sudden you’re in a magazine all around the world. It was a fun and fast ride, and the best part was my sisters doing it with me.”

Jump To Reality TV

The public loved the Dahm sisters and wanted more.

Therefore, it is no surprise that soon reality TV show producers were knocking on their door.

The girls already had reality TV experience from when they were younger, so appearing on these shows was also a breeze.

They competed on game shows such as 1 vs. 100 and Family Feud, where they competed with their older sister and father.

After appearing on and winning an episode of House Wars, they received a call from the Renovate My Family producers.

Renovate My Family Leads To Love

The triplets were soon hired as castmates on the reality show Renovate My Family.

The host of the show was Jay McGraw, son of TV personality and producer Dr. Phil.

However, Jay became more than just a host to one of the ladies.

While filming “Jay knocked on our trailer door and asked, ‘Do you guys want to watch a movie in my trailer?’ And we said, ‘No, but you can come into ours,’” Erica said.

“He came in, and we started talking. He made some funny jokes and from then on I couldn’t fight it. It was love at first sight.”


Erica and Jay got married in 2006. However, their partnership became more than just a romantic one, but also a business one.

Jay and Erica, along with Jay’s father, Dr. Phil, began helping develop the TV series The Doctors.

Erica would help book guests, cast the show, and do other behind-the-scenes work.

It was the creation of this show that led to the triplets’ unexpected discovery.

Appearances On “The Doctors”

Producers decided it would be a great idea to feature the triplets on the show.

Back in 2006, they made their first appearance.

The triplets were a hit with the viewers, and they were brought back multiple times to discuss a range of topics, such as pregnancy.

However, an appearance in 2017, led the triplets to discover things about themselves they never knew.

Life Went On

During this whole period, of course, Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn enjoyed the fame, but they also wanted to create a life outside of the spotlight.

After all 3 were married, they knew they wanted to take the next step of expanding their family together.

All 3 got pregnant at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.

Therefore, within weeks of each other, the sisters all gave birth.

Once again their love and support for each other during the process was unwavering.

New Babies Lead To Renewed Interest

The public was astounded to hear the Dahm sisters had all gotten pregnant at the same time, as well as all given birth to daughters.

They even had their first ultrasound on The Doctors together.

Only a few years later, the sisters got pregnant again, and this time they all had sons.

It was destiny. “It must be that triplet bond,” Jaclyn said.

“It’s weird how fortunate and lucky we’ve all been.”

Other Ventures

The triplets could not rely on their reality TV fame. Therefore, they set out on other business ventures. They started their own online bakery called “Triplets Gourmet.” After their bakery did so well, they expanded to a YouTube baking series. After their first pregnancy, in order to help other new moms, they created a workout video titled “3, 2, 1…Get Your Body Back.” Finally, the triplet mommies had one more idea inspired by their children. They released a baby blanket line called “Triplets Paisley.” There was no stopping these women.

Opened A Restaurant

After her second child, Nicole decided she needed to do something, rather than just be a stay-at-home mom.

Her husband owned real estate in San Diego and pushed her to start her own restaurant in the area.

In 2013, Nicole opened “Lucky Bastard Saloon”, a restaurant which featured dancing waitresses and live music.

Nicole said, “I never dreamt it would be this much work…I do most of the marketing, advertising and hiring…I’m pretty hands-on. I’m busier than I ever thought I’d be.”

She was also considering pitching a reality TV show revolving around the restaurant.

Unfortunately, the venture did not work out.

Back To Reality (TV)

After creating so many successful ventures, reality TV producers were itching to get the triplets back into the spotlight.

The producers of The Doctors had an idea.

In 2017, the producers asked the twins if they would be comfortable diving into a part of their lives they had most likely never explored before, their DNA.

Although they were unsure of what was to come, the triplets agreed.

DNA Testing Investigation

According to AncestryDNA, their DNA testing “uses an autosomal DNA test that surveys a person’s entire genome at over 700,000 locations.

It covers both the maternal and paternal sides of the family tree, so it covers all lineages.”

The Doctors wanted to test just how reliable these tests were.

They brought on Inside Edition journalist, Lisa Guerrero to investigate.

This would be the first time anyone has done a test like this on triplets in the public arena.

Testing The Triplets

The company chosen to test was “23andMe.”

The company sends customers a small vile, in which he or she spits into.

The saliva sample is then shipped back to the company, in order for them to decode the DNA.

The girls completed the easy at-home procedure and sent in their tests.

The shocking results were returned a few weeks later.

Fascinated With Biology

Let us remember that these triplets were once nursing majors.

Therefore, they have an understanding and interest in biology and genetics.

Now that these women were all new moms, they were very curious as to the genetic makeup of not only themselves but also their children.

The triplets expected the results to come back as completely alike.

After a few weeks of waiting, they learned the results.

Some Results Not So Shocking

They triplets returned to a taping of The Doctors, in order to hear their results in front of Guerrero, as well as a live studio audience.

The first result discussed was they are indeed identical triplets.

Surprisingly, this did not come as a shock to the triplets, the doctors, or anyone in the audience.

It was very clear that the 3 were identical triplets.

But, there was more.

Discrepancies Begin

When actually decoding their DNA, all 3 girls were recognized as being 99% European.

However, the difference began to show when it was broken down even further.

It was discovered that Erica was 16% Irish and British, whereas Nicole was 18% Irish and British – a full 2% difference. Everyone was shocked.

However, the differences in their DNA continued and became even more drastic.

More Differences

Everyone in the studio was on the edge of their seats.

They were in complete shock of the first result.

The host quickly read on to ease the audience members as well as the triplets’ anticipation.

One result showed that all 3 had different percentages for their French and German heritage.

Nicole’s results showed 11%, Jaclyn’s showed 18%, and Erica’s showed 22.3%.

There was no way this could possibly be.

They continued with even more startling results.

So Many Disparities

The doctors were down to announcing their last result.

There was another large discrepancy among the women’s DNA.

As the girls are blonde and blue-eyed, they look stereotypical Scandinavian.

According to the test, Nicole was 11.4% Scandinavian, while Erica and Jaclyn were both 7.4%. How could 2 out of 3 triplets be the same, while the other was nearly 4% more?

The numbers did not add up, and everyone was puzzled.

The Journalist’s Conclusion

The main purpose of this experiment was to investigate DNA at-home tests’ reliability.

The Doctors had brought on journalist Lise Guerrero to help add incite to the investigation.

Guerrero explained she is Latina on her mom’s side and English on her father’s side.

She would like to do a test of her own to see if any discrepancies are shown.

Therefore, she could not make a definite conclusion.

However, she said the tests piqued her curiosity.

What Is The Doctor’s Verdict?

The head doctor on the show, Dr. Travis Stork, had more of a solid conclusion.

He said the at-home tests should be used for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only and to not be taken as real evidence.

He went on to say “you can’t just spit in a cup and have every single answer that you are looking for.”

These tests are nowhere near advanced to be completely accurate and testing the triplet’s DNA proved just that.

What Do The Sisters Think?

The twins believe the DNA test was a fun experience.

However, they know how similar they are. It is the love they share that’s important, not their DNA.

They reflect on how fortunate they were to even have the opportunity.

From their modeling to career to acting, it was what brought them to where they are today.

While reflecting on their lives, Erica said, “It [modeling] started all three of our lives. I would never change it for the world. It’s created the journey that we’re still on. It’s an amazing experience that I will never give up.”



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