Study: One Puff Of an E-Cigarette Increases Your Chance Of Heart Attack

The real risks of vaping have now been exposed...


As many people switch from smoking tobacco to vaping while looking to avoid the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes, a new study has revealed that the chemicals associated with vaping can cause heart attacks.

However, new scientific research from the American Physiological Society (APS) says that vaping can cause heart attacks and increase the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Tests performed on mice revealed the effects of merely 5 minutes of vape exposure, with the mice’s arteries narrowing by a much 30% within one hour of exposure.

Narrow arteries have previously been connected to increased possibilities of cardiac arrest or strokes.


The results likewise showed other stressing elements. For instance, the mice’s capillary was discovered to be less capable of dilating after direct exposure, a procedure needed for securely lowering blood pressure.

Can the research reveal vaping can cause heart attacks?

As part of the same study, mice were likewise given long-term exposure to vaping, 20 hours per week over the course of an eight-month duration.

This long-term exposure led to mice establishing stiff arteries.

The arteries of these mice had over two times the tightness than mice who had not been exposed to any nicotine at all.

Check out a BBC News take a look at vaping:

Researchers who performed the study pertained to the following conclusion:

These data suggest that vapor cigarettes need to not be thought about safe which they cause substantial unhealthy effects.

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Vaping can cause heart attacks and cancer

Teens Who Vape Inhale High Levels of Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Study Finds

E-cigarettes deliver cancer-causing chemicals that enter the body of teens who vape or smoke them, a new study has found.

The variety of vaping chemicals popular among teenagers are fruity flavors, which appear to be the most deadly, scientists reported Monday.

They stated teens who attempt vaping are poisoning themselves with much of the very same chemicals that make traditional cigarettes so dangerous.

Tests on teenagers show that those who smoke tobacco-based cigarettes have the highest levels of these chemicals in their bodies.

But researchers were surprised to find that those who vape e-cigarettes also have far greater levels of the cancer-causing chemicals than nonsmokers.

The study was carried out by an independent research group at the University of California, San Francisco.

“The presence of harmful ingredients in e-cigarette vapor has been established‍; we can now say that these chemicals are found in the body of human adolescents who use these products,” they composed in their report, released in the journal Pediatrics.

E-cigarettes utilize a device that provides fluid laced with nicotine and tastes, producing a smoke-like haze.

They’re promoted as a “safer” method to use over tobacco, with e-cigarette use typically called vaping.

A lot of traditional cigarette smokers use vaping as a method to stop tobacco smoking.



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