Vegan Revolution: Half A Billion Fewer Animals Killed Since 2007

Have you switched to a plant-based diet yet?


Have you transitioned to a being vegan yet?

Even as a vegan, do you make an effort to decrease the number of animal products you are taking in regularly?

If so, it is people switching to being vegan that 500 million animal lives have been spared this year, and with ongoing awareness, that number continues to rise.

It has actually become clear that everyone is not going to stop eating meat anytime quickly, but as a growing number of awareness has been made to the treatment of animals, and about the health effects of a traditional diet plan and environmental factors that come from eating excessive meat, more people are starting to at least think about the choice of taking in much less meat.


Although, many vegans would argue that it’s all or absolutely nothing which the only method to make an effect is to give up meat entirely.

We can plainly see the distinction that has actually come from individuals merely being more conscious about their meat usage.

Personally, I do not eat meat or animal items, for the most part, however, I likewise do not consider myself a vegan, primarily because I don’t feel the need for a label or to define myself in this way– anymore.

In the past, I was a vegan, a stringent one at that, and I recognized that putting labels on yourself and preaching your beliefs isn’t really necessarily an efficient method to develop change. Now, educating people on the ethical, environmental, and health concerns that work together with a traditional diet, and just how much being more conscious about the amount of meat and animal items you are taking in and motivating the concept of consuming less of these products and avoiding products originating from agriculture, now that was a more efficient way to set about it.

Informing someone that they are wrong and you right normally do not discuss so well, in my experience anyways.

We Are Consuming Less Meat

Meat consumption has actually been steadily on the decrease since 2007.

In fact, it has actually dropped 10% per capita in the United States inning accordance with data from The Humane Society of the United States.

That year, the United States raised and slaughtered around 9.5 billion land animals for food.

Since 2014 that number fell by 400 million. This is inning accordance with Paul Shapiro, Vice President, Farm Animal Protection for The Humane Society of the United States.

” What that implies is that compared with 2007, in 2015 almost half a billion fewer animals were subjected to the torment of factory farming and commercial slaughter plants and that’s despite the boost in the U.S. population.”

More Great News

That number continues to drop, and truly 500 million lives spared in a matter of just 10 years is really quite excellent.

If animals being mass-produced and slaughtered for intake continued to plummet half a billion every ten years then it wouldn’t be long before animal suffering is eradicated.

Animals used for food could be treated with much more respect and raised ethically and have an actual life before their last massacre, which is still by no means humane.

Is It Because More People Are Becoming Vegan?

Not necessarily. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet plan, they are making more ethical and conscious choices about exactly what they are consuming.

This does not immediately indicate going vegan, however, individuals are deciding to eat less meat. This is definitely ending up being obvious by the increasing number of vegetarian and vegan dining establishments that appear to be opening up everywhere all the time.

In the past years, we have also seen a large range of plant-based alternatives to meat products that put the standard veggie burger to embarrassment.

There are many sensible, and surprisingly yummy options and individuals appear to be more unbiased to giving these a possibility.

Possibly since subconsciously they understand that it might be time to make a shift.

Numerous athletes are going vegan and swear by this kind of lifestyle for achieving optimum outcomes. We are even seeing many medical professionals adopting this type of way of life also.

Times Are Changing

This functions as an effective pointer that with enough awareness, and particularly with the help of the Internet, things can and will change.

If someone is deciding to stay oblivious, they won’t alter, but the Internet has actually made this a challenging thing to do.

No one wishes to see animals suffer and I’m sure that the majority of sane individuals on the planet would choose if no animal ever needed to suffer again.

When we realize just how much of an impact we ourselves can make, it helps us to make more ethical choices.

Never forget that “little acts of compassion, increased by millions will transform the world.” I believe that this is exactly what has triggered this drastic decline in the number of animals that were slaughtered for food.

We can all do our part to actively produce the type of the world we wish to live in and really understand that if we are not part of the option, we are part of the problem. What can you do to minimize your effect?



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